Friday, April 17, 2015

O is for Olsztyn Castle Ruins, Poland

As mentioned in my "K" post, Poland is a country I really wish to see.

I don't know yet when I could go but while researching for "things to do" in Poland, I found out about the Trail of the Eagle's Nest. It is a marked trail with 25 medieval castles. It is considered the best touristic trail in Poland.

For letter "O" --

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Olsztyn Castle Ruins is one of the castles in the trail. It was considered as a royal castle for a settlement back in the 14th century. After several wars and transfers of ownership, Olsztyn is simply considered now as a village. The biggest attraction in the area that was once the castle, has the prison tower as its most impressive feature of the ruins.

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  1. Great looking castle. Must be a great view from the top. It probably came in quite handy back in the day to see so far.

    Sean at His and Her Hobbies

  2. I don't think we hear as much as we should about Poland. I've never heard of the Trail of the Eagle's Nest, but I'd love to follow it.

  3. Hi Maria .. I gather Poland is very beautiful and has some wonderful ancient history .. it'd be wonderful to explore - just as you want to do .. that tourist trail of 25 castles would be amazing to follow. Olsztyn looks to be so interesting and its history ... cheers and a great O for the O day - Hilary

  4. That is gorgeous. It'd be fun to explore that.

  5. A trail with 25 castles along it; what could be a better destination!


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