Monday, April 6, 2015

E is for Elizabeth Tower, England

For letter "E" --

It shouldn't be mistaken that Big Ben is the nickname for the bell on the clock in the tower. The clock tower itself is "Elizabeth Tower". It used to be just the Clock Tower until year 2012 when it was renamed during the Diamond Jubilee of Elizabeth II.

Sent: 31 May 2012 from Southampton, UK
Received: 19 Jun 2012, Traveled 10,880.8 km in 20 days

It was a celebration that I missed! I didn't know at all and my train out of London was booked on 19 May, that exact day of the parade. I could have seen the Queen! After that trip, I am now more prudent on checking events in places I visit; I don't want to regret missing an important celebration that could have happened just once in my lifetime!

Below are two souvenirs from that visit. For the photo on the right, I think it turned out well with the sun being blocked by the tower. I was standing directly facing the sun and I hid behind to take the shot. Back then, I didn't know at all that the English were renaming this significant structure where I was having my photo taken. How ignorant of me sometimes!

I am also sharing this clear blue sky to Sally's Blue Monday. Head over to her page for more blues!



  1. Do you know, I'd completely forgotten the tower had been renamed? I expect everyone still calls it Big Ben :) It was a beautiful summer in 2012 when the Olympics were on but I love the view in the snow.

  2. Great picture and I did not know the tower had been renamed.

  3. Hi Maria - I had forgotten the tower was renamed the Elizabeth Tower .. and so much was happening that year ... it was so wet for the Jubilee ... but thankfully the sun came out for the Olympics. As Sheila says - I'm sure we all still call it Big Ben ... certainly I do!

    Wonderful trip you had .. and it looks like you had some sun .. lovely photos too ...

    If you get the Duchy Originals - do let me know what you think .. thanks!

    Cheers Hilary

  4. Hi Marie,

    Please place a link to Blue Monday on your post so that others can find us. Then return to link in again with Mr. Linky.

  5. Hi, Maria! I've missed you! ((hugs)) Happy Easter, sweet girl. These postcards are wonderful, by the way--I had no idea there'd been a name change! SO cool. Have a lovely week, dear Friend.

  6. I guess I missed the memo that the tower had been renamed. It would have been sad to have been so close but not be able to see such a special event.

    Sean at His and Her Hobbies

  7. Fascinating, I didn't know that the name was changed a few years ago! The things you learn when you're blog-hopping :)

  8. I still call it Big Ben ..such a shame it has been renamed. And if it wasn't for you I would never of known . And I live in England. ☺


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