Thursday, April 2, 2015

B is for Bayon Temple, Cambodia

I am happy that for the first three letters of the alphabet, I am able to share Buildings and Structures that I've both visited and kept or received in the mail a corresponding postcard. Oh wait, I think not just for the first three letters but for the first five actually! ;-)

For the first three though, all are from Cambodia. Now for the second letter, "B" --

Bayon Temple looks a bit chaotic for me, judging from the view from the outside. On top is a photo I took in front of the temple. It is impressive nonetheless for the countless towers with carved Buddha faces. Our tour guide said there are around 200 but since a lot might have fell into ruin over the years, there is no actual count. Below are two close-up looks to two of the Buddha faces: one was courtesy of our tour guide and the other one is on a postcard.



  1. A happy and peaceful face is Buddah. Wonder what the stone monuments looked like when they were new, without the vegetation and centuries of wear.

  2. How fabulous. This is like visiting Cambodia, a place I will probably never visit in my lifetime so thank you thank you for these blog posts! It is still morning in California, USA so I was very surprised to happen upon "B" just now.

    Is that you in the photo above on the left? Such fun!

    Julie Jordan Scott
    Inspired by Literary Grannies from A to Z - A is for Anne Morrow Lindbergh.

  3. Hi Maria .. what a wonderful place to have visited - and I see it's over 800 years old .. it still looks incredible - lucky you to have been there. The guide knew a good photo - lovely to see you - cheers Hilary

  4. I see some of my comments did work! Enjoying your challenge so far.

  5. Hi Maria, I like all the images for B. Is it my imagination ... in that last one, is the face winking? The stonework is amazing and the photo courtesy of your guide is so cool!

    1. Hi John, I've finally figured it out how to do the individual reply. I also noticed that there's this "Notify Me" if my visitor who left a comment would like to know if I've replied or not. This is cool!

  6. Another really interesting spot. We are hoping to get to S.E.A. within the next year. Bayon Temple will be on our list.

  7. I love all your photos! Thank you for sharing!


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