Tuesday, April 21, 2015

R is for Riverside Shophouses, Singapore

It's a bit amusing that I am posting about Singapore when I am not there. 

For letter "R" --

Friendship Postcard, Sender: Princess Rin
Sent: 30 Aug 2013 from Singapore
Received: 6 Sep 2013, Traveled 2,392 km in 7 days

Riverside shophouses are of pre-colonial design. They have been restored and now are restaurants and entertainment spots along the Robertson, River, and Clarke quays. The shophouses create an interestingly good contrast between the taller and newly-designed skyscrapers behind them. Tourists and locals alike can enjoy sightseeing from Singapore River aboard a wooden boat similar to those two on the postcard, operated by the SRC. I've taken the river sightseeing tour twice and wouldn't hesitate to do it again to accompany a friend who will visit SG.

Have you taken a river tour before? On which river was it? The other two river tours I've had besides from Singapore River were: (1) Thailand's Chao Phraya River Tour which offered view of majestic golden temples at night, and the (2) Cambodia's Mekong Delta / River Tour on which I had a breakfast aboard a wooden boat while watching the sunrise. It's quite difficult to choose a favorite from these 3, as each river tour was a unique experience by itself.



  1. That sounds like a fun place to visit. The only river tours I have taken are short 2-3 hour ones. My dad and step mum went on one in Germany last year and loved it.

    Sean at His and Her Hobbies

  2. Hi Maria .. that looks wonderful .. I love seeing old quarters fixed up .. and at least they're not being knocked down ..

    I've been on the Zambesi River Cruise at Victoria Falls when I was in Zimbabwe years ago .. we do see lots from the river, with different perspectives ... I'd enjoy doing some more river trips - yours in particular .. cheers Hilary

  3. I have not taken a river-boat cruise but it is definitely something I think I would enjoy. Neat postcard!

  4. I would love to go to Singapore again , maybe one day, will have to get saving:-) You are really back into blogging which is super and great posts too. xo


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