Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Gzhel Porcelain

RU-2046225, Sender: Nataly
Sent: 29 Sep 2013 from Korolyov, Russia
Received: 5 Nov 2013, Traveled 8,247 km in 37 days

Today, I am back in my apartment from a 6-day vacation in Singapore and found 3 pretty cards on my study table. One of them features this lovely blue and white Gzhel porcelain teacup and saucer.

Nataly wrote, "This is an example of the Gzhel porcelain, the traditional Russia porcelain made in so-called Gzhel cluster, an area extending along railway line Moscow-Murom. The main factory of this trade is the Gzhel Porcelain Factory located in Rechitsy village, Moscow oblast. You can find Gzhel porcelain and ceramics in many Russian shops, but today the most of these Gzhel-like articles are not real Gzhel. As a rule they are imitations made in China. It is rather difficult to find a genuine Gzhel, and it is rather expensive."

This postcard easily became a favorite! I love the blue and gold royal decorations on white. Also the scallop design on the edge of the saucer and the design for the handle are lovely!

This is my first time to join Terri's Tea Cup Tuesday @ Artful Affirmations. Check out her page for really adorable tea cup posts.



  1. Hello Maria,
    I hope you had a very good trip to Singapore.
    Your tea card is truly lovely! What a beautiful tea cup. I loved reading about it's history. So thank you for including that part in your post. I also love the photographic treatments the images has as well. Very artistic.
    Hugs, and thanks so much for joining in Tea Cup Tuesday!

  2. Hola María
    Gracias por venir a visitarme a Argentina a la hora del té.
    Preciosa tu taza color azulada. Un encanto.
    Te dejo un beso grande amiga. Espero que puedas traducir el mensaje, yo no he podido traducir la página, internet no me dejó.



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