Monday, June 3, 2013

Doors of Fredericia

DK-20698, Sender: Rita
Sent: 24 March 2012, Sent from Kolding, Denmark
Received: 3 April 2012, Traveled 9,961 km in 10 days

Rita wrote that these card shows some of the special doors in Fredericia. I tried to research about them but to my dismay. I found a nice quotation about doors though, that is very appropriate to what I'm going through right now.

There's difference between fear and paralysis. And I've learned that I don't have to "grow up" to be open to opportunity, to be willing to step through doors without being pushed. I just have to be brave. I just have to be slightly braver than I am scared. 
- Victoria Schwab

I continue getting helpful comments from my readers and blog visitors to my post last Friday. Know that I am sincerely grateful from the bottom of my heart for all your nice words and advice. I've started to put into action some of the recommendations in the comments and like I said on my post yesterday, I'm starting to smile and feel better now. :)

Life offers a lot of opportunities. The worst that a person can be is to be hopeless, as there's always a door that you can open. And whatever the circumstances you find inside, you always have a skill or a talent to make the most of them. If all things fail after you've given it your best shot, remember that a door is meant for two things: entrance and exit. You can always exit through that door and open another door until you finally find what you're looking for.

So...which door? I guess we can start from that blue and white one on the upper left corner of the card? ;-)

I'm sharing this with Sally's Blue Monday. Check out her page for more blues!



  1. I agree that God opens doors, and the blue one would be my choice. That is blue-tiful!

    Thanks for playing.

    Happy Blue Monday, Maria.

  2. What a beautiful, beautiful post and so heartfelt. Thank you for sharing the doors and your thoughts on them with us.

    Happy Blue Monday...



  3. a beautiful collection of interesting doors. i find closed doors compelling.

  4. I don't know why, but I also love postcards with doors. The green one would be my first choice... :)

    By the way, I've published today in the blog the two wonderful postcards you sent to me. Thanks again!


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