Sunday, June 30, 2013

The First Training

FI-1481431, Sender: Konkajo
Sent: 15 July 2012, Sent from Jarvenpaa, Finland
Received: 10 August 2012, Traveled 8,922 km in  26 days

It's Sunday, so this is really a very late post for Beth's Postcard Friendship Friday. However, I don't want to lose the chance to share this postcard for June since I've promised to keep romance as a theme for the entire month.

My laptop didn't want to boot. It was a long and tedious (and scary) process getting it backed up and working. So it's now working again, thank heavens! 

And I'm glad I still have one day of June for the roll of PFF and GHT. I have this vintage card that I've been planning to post since the start of the month, but I decided it's best as a month-ender. Plus I delayed posting cause I really can't find information about it. I can't figure out the information at the back of the card:

It might be hard reading the words; they're written vertically. Konkajo wrote, "The first training" with the rest of his message. I am not sure if that's a translation for one of the Finnish words or it refers to the young girl and boy sharing a kiss...

I didn't want to rotate the image cause I also want to share the beautiful stamp that came with the card. This one is for  Clytie's Guest Heart Thursday.



  1. Oh, how perfectly appropriate for June romance Postcard Friendship Friday! And what a GREAT heart stamp for Guest Heart Thursday!

    Wooohooo! You certainly outdid yourself--these are darling.


  2. Hello Maria,

    Better late, than never and you had the perfect romance postcard, genuine, audacious and shy at the same time. I have your email and will send you my adress for the swap ASAP it's a crazy week. Hope your laptop is fine.

    Take care



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