Sunday, June 23, 2013

Castle stamps

The Tower of London, viewed from the River Thames with the Union Jack.
I was frustrated that I can't find information about this stamp on the Royal Mail website. Apparently, this was issued by the Universal Mail United Kingdom, the postal service in the UK aimed at the tourist market. This stamp was part of the Historic Royal Palaces Booklet issued in June 2011.

Palacio Episcopal de Astorga
It was designed by the Catalan architect, Antoni Gaudí, one of his three works outside Catalonia. 
The palace is now a museum of religious art, called Museo de los Caminos.
The stamp was released on 17 July 2012.

Two castle overlooking the Werra valley.
The two castles are the Ludwig stone castle in Hesse and the ruins of Hanstein in Thuringia.
The view of the two castles is symbolic of overcoming the division of Germany. 
The stamp was issue on 3 February 2011.



  1. I love that two castles German Stamp, what a sight.
    BTW Universal Mail operate under licence as part of the deregulation of the mail system and are not connected to Royal Mail. You would have to look on their site for the stamps they issue. I rather like their stamps but no outlets up here in the wilds of the north of england.

  2. Lovely choices. I hadn't seen the GB stamp before, it's amazing how easy it is to miss the stamps that are issued in booklets.

  3. I can't find that Royal Mail stamp either not even on the collectgbstamps site.
    The Germany stamp is great.

  4. Three nice stamps, and very different. I visited the palace in Astorga in 2003. It's an amazing place which is worth visiting, in my opinion.

    Good selection!

  5. How neat that you posted the Spanish version of the Russian stamp I posted!

  6. Hello Maria,

    So you also collect stamps, that great, I never done. The deutchland one is really amazing. Since I don't know if you read the answer to the comment in blog, I just want to say that it's would be a pleasure to swap postcard whenever you are ready. I just subscribe to posscrossing 15 days ago I guess.

    Take good care


  7. Sorry I am replying so late,
    it is Wed! thank you for sharing

  8. Hi Maria,

    I hope you're fine ?

    See you around



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