Friday, June 14, 2013

Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip

A postcard I sent to myself ;-)
Sent: 3 June 2012, Sent from London Heathrow Airport
Received: 20 June 2012, Traveled 10,748 km in 17 days

The theme for my Postcard Friendship Friday post today is a continuation from last week, on love and romance. (Actually, I think I'm sticking to this theme for the whole month.)

I am a fan of this royal couple: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and His Royal Highness Prince Philip The Duke of Edinburgh. I won't write lengthy and colorful praises anymore of their 65 years of marriage; that's already everywhere in print and in the net. I'm sharing the postcard because I've been reading news about Prince Philip being sick. That makes me ponder deep on the sorrow it brings to Queen Elizabeth. I know, it's completely none of my business... But I bet that sorrow is more than all the sorrows she's encountered all these years of being a monarch combined altogether...even though she's also in her senior years now herself.

I was stranger to this fear. Falling in love with my bestfriend, thinking ahead, and imagining losing him -- it's one of the worst thoughts in the world! Again, I know, I shouldn't worry about this. We're young, just starting in a romantic relationship... But you know sometimes, you just can't help it. Can you imagine your life without that very special person who's always been at your side; your constant strength and guide? I can't. Well, we argue, we fight, and we have our misunderstandings too. But the feeling remains the same, he's one person I can't ever imagine living without.

Ok. Erase those dim thoughts. Back into the happy and inspiring emotions whenever we think of romance and love. In my admiration of this couple, let me share here excerpts from the speeches they made on their 50th wedding anniversary:

The main lesson we've learned is that tolerance is the one central ingredient of any happy marriage. It might not be so important when things are going well but it is absolutely vital when things get difficult.
 - Prince Philip, 1997

He has, quite simply, been my strength and stay all these years, and I, his whole family, and this and many other countries, owe him a debt greater that he would ever claim or we shall ever know.
- Queen Elizabeth, 1997

I won't be a queen like her but I've learned that regardless of social status, everyone have to struggle and  make sacrifices like anybody else. I hope that all couples I know and would come to know, will learn the same tolerance similar to Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. And that every man and woman who pledged their love, may always be the strength and guide of each other, specially when troubles challenge their relationship.



  1. Sometimes I also look at durable long-lasting couples and wish the same for myself. Not just famous couples like the Queen, but people who surround me, you know.

    By the way... do you sent postcards to youself often? What do you write on it?!?

  2. Good morning, sweet Lady. What a lovely, thoughtful post. I have often wondered about Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. They truly have been privy to so much heartache.

    Yet they have braved so many years together. Now that Daddy is gone, I see the loneliness my Mother faces without him in her life.

    They were married for 55 years.

    Indeed, may every man and woman who have pledged their love to one another fight to remain strong in their love--faithful and true through the hard times, loving and kind in the good days.

  3. What a great idea to send a postcard to yourself!
    Looks like Prince Philip is going to have to slow down a's a hectic lifestyle...

  4. They have certainly endured an awful lot together.

  5. Hello Maria,

    Wow I thought I was the only one who did it. Well actually when I was teenager I use to send myself postcards but I stop and I can't remember when exactly.

    This is a nice topic to talk about. I just comment a writer facebook post I met in another life as a journalist. He posted a picture of his wife and him, when they met and today. Actually, it's always hard to maintains good habits so it is for relationships. Fear is natural, but your love will help you go beyond that.

    It's less easy to love each other when the world is looking at you and you have to control every word, every move you makes, it's nice to see old people together who still love each other. I don't know in Philippines, but here, it's becoming rare.

    Happy friday !


  6. Hello Maria,

    Oh my god, I just wrote a long comment, but something go wrong ! I couldn't remember if you moderate your comment or not. Well, let say that I will be back to share my thoughts on long term love and your choice of the day, if my first comment is lost forever.

    See you later dear


  7. Oh, sweet girl! Nope--your blog entry today was NOT was beautiful and I loved it. ((hugs))


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