Thursday, June 13, 2013

Heart Mailbox

Touchnote Postcard, Sender: Roberta
Sent: 9 September 2012, Sent from Faenza, Italy

Rainy season is here. Too bad, that's exactly the same as saying, flood season is here! Just today, my usual 45 minutes commute from the hospital to my apartment became 2 hours. Half of the trip, I was wet with flood water.

Moving on, since I started collecting postcards 2 years ago, I've always feared for my postcards and other stuff from the mail will get wet during rainy season. The postman puts them in the slit of my apartment door. Whenever someone opens the door, the postcards and other stuff (letter, etc.) falls on her head. I like it that way actually, like a shower of postcards. But during rainy season, it's not a very nice idea because sometimes they fly outside the door. And when they fall on wet surface...that's gonna be extremely sad.

It's not possible for me to have my own mailbox though. For some reasons I wish not to discuss. But if I can, it would be something similar to this card Roberta sent me. She said that this wood mailbox is from Trentino Alto Adige in South Tyrol.

Linking with Clytie @ Random Hearts. I wish all of you a better Thursday than mine.


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  1. Hi, I came across from Paulita's blog and the Dreaming of France Link. I collect postcards too , all started by a lovely lady in Norway , who sent me , not only a postcard but a hand written letter, and since then all my blogger friends have sent me from their travels. Would you like a postcard , I live in the UK . Anne


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