Saturday, April 6, 2013

Tulips from Axel, NL

NL-1214999, Sender: Monique
Sent on 12 May 2012, Sent from TA Axel, Netherlands
Received on 4 June 2012, Traveled 10,518 km in 23 days

My first 3D flower postcard!

Here are some tulip facts:

The name tulip came from the word turbin, an Ottoman Turkish word. 

Despite being famously cultivated in Netherlands, tulips are originally from Central Asia and Turkey.

Tulips can be eaten, (or at least some parts of it). They taste like lettuce or beans.

The most sought after tulip is the Queen of the Night, a tulip which is very deep purple in color.

Dank u Monique for sending me this card!

Sharing this with Tina and Mona for the weekend blooms:

Mona's Picturesque



  1. I certainly didn't know these about Tulips!!! Thanks :) I LOVE your photo. The light is magical. Fantastic!!!
    Thank you so much for joining Floral Love dear :)

  2. Never saw a 3D Flower card before, it's beautiful!

    Love the Tulip facts, thank you for sharing.

  3. Lovely tulips. Hope you'd find time to visit my entry.

  4. I love the bright colours and of course your composition, perfect!


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