Monday, April 22, 2013

The missing blue door handle.

Facebook Postcard Swap, Sender: Marichie Postcrossing
Sent: 16 October 2012, Sent from Las Palmas, Spain
Received 31 October 2012, Traveled 13,348.5 km in 15 days
This door is missing a handle. I have two pieces of evidence to think that it used to have a handle: (1) the blue paint on the door, and (2) the pink flowering plant in front of the door.

Check out the postcard in Aritha's blog to know what I mean. ;-)

Now, head over to Smiling Sally's page for pretty blues on a Monday.

Smiling Sally

Have a productive week, 'ya all! 



  1. I liked Aritha's card when she posted it - we've discussed a bit of handles even :) Well, this card and the door (especially) is great, I think. And should also admit the stamp suits the set perfectly :D

    1. I love this door also! But ... whats behind this door ;-)

  2. this blue has a lot of character. great find!

  3. Wonderful photo and love the blue for HMB ^_^

  4. Without a handle, it's not so welcoming; however, the pot of flowers disagrees. Interesting. Thanks for playing Blue Monday.

    Happy Blue Monday, Maria.

    PS I wish I could visit the Philippines and let you point me to a good seafood place.

  5. Looks like a Spanish Adobe dwelling. I LOVE it.

  6. Sometimes it is best to leave doors closed even if they are blue.

  7. It's a beautiful colour. Happy Blue Monday.

  8. Oh a nice blue! That door is quite eye catching! Hope your week is wonderful and Happy Blue Monday to you!


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