Thursday, April 25, 2013

Missing sweet hearts.

NL-1798791, Sender: Mary
Sent: 4 April 2013, Sent from The Hague, Netherlands
Received: 19 April 2013, Traveled 10,429 km in 15 days

Mary asked if we have these sweets (snoepjes) here in the Philippines. Apparently, we don't and I would love to try them! I wonder if they're hard or marshmallow-ey soft...but I think they're more rock hard, but the melt-in-your-mouth type -- like dry meringue?

Hmm, I wonder too, who took two pieces of my heart-shaped sweets out of my postcard? Mary said that the sweets have a little bit of different tastes/flavors. So now I'm really curious what flavor/s are those two sweet hearts that had gone missing.



  1. I love those little hearts. When we were little, we'd make sweet edible sentences out of them!

    Lovely lovely. (grin)

  2. the are the melt in your mouth sort of candy... lovely photo:-)

  3. It's a perfect card for GHT! I remember making sentences out of the edible hearts too ... funny how some of the words I grew up with were phased out for modern ones ... and are now coming back!!!

    Laura is right ... they are hard(ish) candies, but they do melt in your mouth ... not that I ever kept one in my mouth long enough to let it melt! (crunch, crunch, swallow - Yum!)

    1. What words used to be on them? I am excited cause Mary said she'll send me some :)


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