Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sunday Stamps: Flowers from India and Romania

These two flower stamps came with one of my most recently received postcards. Part of the Bouquet for Children issue of Chennai Post (India) in 3 September 2013, the sheet of 12 designs aimed to bring children in the cities the flowers that are mostly only seen in the villages and the forests. I really like that these two flowers allows us to see more inside into the flowers' anatomy.

These two stamps from Romania make me curious with the clocks featured alongside each. It made sense to me when I read that these two are part of a Flower's Clock. The time on the clock's face reveals the hour that the flower blooms. For sunflower is 9 AM and the viper's grass is 7 AM. Both of the clocks on these two stamps were manufactured in France in the 19th century -- a P. Bonnet and P. Pottier portico clock and a table clock, respectively. The rest of the stamps on this  25 January 2013 issue can be found here

For more flowers featured on stamps from around the world, check out the linky party @ See it on a postcard.



  1. I love the Indian stamps - so beautiful, and you're right, an angle you don't usually see. And what a clever idea to have a flower clock be the inspiration for a set of stamps.

  2. I would have never guessed why the clocks appear along with the flowers on the stamps, wow!

  3. Wow. I'm glad you found out the story behind the clocks on the Romanian stamps. That is so cool.

  4. These are the first Indian stamps I've seen with flowers.


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