Friday, March 31, 2017

Postcards for the weekend 31: Odd, fun, humorous

Private Swap, Sent from India
Sent 2 Sep 2012, Traveled 4,631 km in 25 days

For our odd, fun, and/or humorous theme this weekend.

Here is a traditional Rajasthani man with an oddly big mustache, a fun colorful turban, and an amazing smile.

Enjoy the weekend everyone!



  1. I've had a moustache (and beard) for thirty years now but it has never been that good!

  2. He has some nice laughter lines, that is a very exuberant moustache.

  3. Such a loosely wrapped turban seems unusual. Not sure I like the facial hair, but the smile is amazing.

  4. Hi Maria, I sure enjoyed your card this week. There were some neat cards shared by the others in the linky too. Thanks for sharing and hosting. Wishing you a very good week ahead!


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