Thursday, March 2, 2017

Postcards for the weekend 27: Philippines

For this month of March is pretty much theme inclusive. However, the objective is to give a focus for a specific country of your origin, previous destination, and dream destinations. Given the possibility that there's a wish to split the postcards from your own country into two weekends' postings, this is possible for the weekend of March 4 and 11.

As some of you may know, I visited my home country last weekend -- Philippines: 

My hometown is in the turtle-shaped island, south of the mainland Luzon. If you look closely, you will see marked on the island of Mindoro is a coastal town of Puerto Galera. I spent the weekend there with my family hoping to enjoy the sea, the sun, and the beach. I was looking forward into visiting nearby islets for snorkeling as the area is known to be among the best coral snorkeling sites in the country. Alas! The weather was uncooperative.

I really longed for a similar experience from Feb 2013 in another island, Palawan. It is an island that resembles the shape of a closed umbrella, southwest of Mindoro.

It's a great destination for island-hopping ...

... and I really missed a good ride with the waves on a small boat (banca) like this:

I'm very curious on what postcards each of the participants for our Postcards for the Weekend linky party are sharing this weekend. Let's please take a moment to appreciate one another's effort to pick and share postcards by leaving even just a short comment when we view the pages of each of the participants. 

Happy weekend everyone,


  1. I like how the islands are different colours on the first postcard, and it goes without saying I'd like to be on that outrigger boat. Its raining here!

  2. Your "home" cards are lovely! The colours of the Philippines are so bright! Too bad your last trip didn't have great weather. I've generally been quite lucky when I go back to Canada, but one trip there was a massive snowstorm on my last night. On the way to the airport, my sister kept pointing out all of the cars that had gone off the road. Luckily, we didn't and I made my plane!

  3. Very impressive landscapes. I have never been all that much of a traveller myself. I have been to a few countries in Europe but it's been a long time since I was abroad at all. As for the sea, I prefer being on firm ground looking out over water rather than the other way round ;)

  4. Maria, you asked me a couple of weeks ago about postcard exchange... I replied to the comment on my own blog but maybe you didn't go back there. I find no email address or profile details for you but if you email me your adress etc I'll send you a card. Actually this week's theme made me realise that I don't even know in what country you live! ;)

  5. I would love to be in that 'big lagoon'!! paradise indeed.....

  6. I also felt curious about others participant's postcards! Yours seem the paradise to me.


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