Friday, March 17, 2017

Postcards for the weekend 29: France

Private Swap, Sent by Ulla
Sent on 12 December 2012, Traveled 10,897 km

For our theme this weekend, I'm sharing postcards from France - one among the many countries that I wish to visit. This card is special as it was written and sent to me on 12.12.12. It shows the French tri-color flag and different UNESCO World Heritage Sites. France is 4th in rank in ascending order of Spain, China, and Italy for countries with the most number of world heritage sites.

Direct Swap, Sent from Lyon
Traveled 10,747 km in 6 days

Lyon, a city that is in the UNESCO WHS for culture has always been on my list of a specific city that I want to explore. My partner is from this place. It is in the south of France and the third biggest French city next to Paris and Marseille.

Friendship Gift Postcard, Sent by Wan
Traveled 10,747 km

This is a postcard he sent me from Lyon back in 2011 I believe. It was sent in an envelope together with stamps from his collection. On this card that I received from him 6 years ago when we're yet to be a couple, he wrote: Here is a postcard from Lyon, my parents' place as I promised ... I'm sure you'll get to visit it someday just like the French Riviera. And hopefully you'll have a nice guide (myself ;-) ) This year in the summer, we'll travel to France together. Reading about the historic places just in Lyon alone, I can't wait to board the plane for France!

Happy weekend everyone,


  1. France was my destination the first time I travelled abroad although I've never been to Lyon. I am sure you will enjoy especially as you are sharing the experience with your special person.

  2. No doubt lots to see in France... For some reason, it has still never been at the very top of my wishlist. (?!)

  3. France is lovely place to visit. And you will have the best guide!

  4. Hi Maria, I'm ready for a trip to France, and especially Lyon, after seeing your cards. Very nice! It sounds like you have a neat trip planned for the summer. Hope you have a great time on the trip and a happy weekend right now! :-) Thanks for sharing and hosting!


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