Saturday, September 10, 2016

Postcards for the weekend 2: Bright Colors

Friendship Gift Postcard, Sender: Ming


Just the second week of hosting my linky party and I'm extremely sorry for everyone who checked in earlier and the linky wasn't up yet. Today has been really occupied. I'm moving soon into a new city and the demands of preparations are taking more time & energy than I thought! 

Our theme this weekend is "bright colors". Here are brightly painted umbrellas from the north of Thailand. I've never been there myself and even the sender, Ming - as mentioned at the back of the postcard. I will be in Thailand next week but again, only into Bangkok. Hopefully someday, I'll get a chance to go to Chiang Mai and see this umbrella painting industry for real. I heard that the weather there in the north is amazing relative to the hot & humid conditions in the capital.

I'm so excited to see who are the participants to our party this week. Last week, our theme was "monochrome". We had three participants: Joy shared a George Minne artwork, John had a cat & a bookstore in one and a ferry in another postcard, and Caijsa posted real photos turned into postcards from Latvia & Czech Republic. Eva from Mail Adventures gave me a list of topics for future themes. Thanks Joy, John, Caijsa, and Eva for your participation!

Our theme next week is "flowers". For the guidelines of the linky, please check here. See you all again next week! Have a great weekend!



  1. Those umbrellas are gorgeous. You did well to get the post up in the middle of a move which I always think of as mini nightmares although nice when eventually settling in to a new place.

  2. I'm going to participate next week :)
    This postcard is wonderful, indeed!

  3. The colors are so beautiful. It is fun to see them all in bunches of color.


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