Sunday, September 25, 2016

Stamps: Orange and/or yellow

For the Sunday Stamps of orange and/or yellow theme this week, I collected from the stamps from the envelopes of letters sent by my Finnish pen pal.

I rarely receive stamps with uneven perforation outlining the design and these two sunflower stamps are among them. The stamp on the lower left is an artwok of the realist Helena Schjerfbeck. It's 1 of 4 stamps issued to commemorate her 150th birthday. 

All stamps were from 2012.


  1. That sunflower design is very nice, I love the contrast between the colour and the black and white background. And, of course, it looks wonderful on a yellow envelope!

  2. I like that your Finnish penpal has sent the sunflower on a yellow envelope. A nice bit of sunshine in your post.

  3. These Finnish sunflower stamps are lovely, thanks for showing them.

  4. Beautiful stamps, the three of them!
    I had never heard of Helena Schjerfbeck before, love that illustration.


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