Sunday, September 11, 2016

Stamps: Places of Worship

The theme this week at Sunday Stamps is worshipful places.

Here are two stamps issued in 2009 by Lithuania. On the left is Church of Deguciai and on the right is Church of Inturke. These two designs are part of the set of definitive series with the title "Wooden Sacral Architecture of Lithuania and Wooden Church Belfries ".



  1. I like the little plans of the layout, the one on the left is an interesting shape.

  2. oooh, more wooden churches :)
    It's interesting that they included an architectural floor plan.

  3. I didn't expect to see so many wooden houses this week.

  4. Krissa,

    I'm grateful to see you get back into your love of blogging. It's unfortunate we haven't talked in so long. Also unfortunate that you've decided that we'd have no colloquy at all despite the significant roles we've had in each other's pasts. I do remember you as a woman who taught me many different things. I still carry many lessons to this day. I am still grateful you could appreciate Shakespeare as much as you did.

    You will continue charting a stellar future, Krissa. I know I'm not a part of it, but when I was a part of your life, I knew some day you'd expand your horizons beyond the country of 7000+ islands. Ingat ka lagi.


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