Friday, September 16, 2016

Postcards for the weekend 3: Flowers

FI-1797307, Sender: Nina
Sent 2 Jul 2013, Traveled 8,827 km in 10 days

It all seems fitting for me to share a lotus while writing this post from my hotel that's on the Chao Phraya river bank. Thai people are mostly Buddhists. As most of us know well, lotus is one of the main symbols of Buddhism. A pink lotus is associated with the Great Buddha's history and legend. It also represents from being a bud into a full bloom flower, one's journey towards nirvana or ultimate state of enlightenment.

DE-2553328, Sender: Sylvia
Sent 12 Oct 2013, Traveled 10,319 km in 10 days

Please don't judge me based on what I'm going to say next -- I'm on both sides of the spectrum now: on the reverse of that calmness from the lotus, I'm imagining I could go for a scenic hike on flowery fields this weekend. But alas, I have to work!

Our theme next week is "fall colors". For the guidelines of the linky, please click here. See you all again next week. I wish you all a relaxing weekend.



  1. Beautiful water-lily - and I love water reflections :)

  2. Oh, I especially love the second postcard. No wonder that you'd like to be there...!

  3. Serenity and exuberance, a nice contrast of flowers.

  4. I forget how far in advance of us you are - timewise. It's only 6 on Sunday morning but already the link is closed. Oops. If you want to see mine the link is

    Love your flowers, Maria.


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