Monday, April 28, 2014

X is for X = Unknown Depths of Baikal

RU-1118184, Sender: Lena

For this letter, it is quite a stretch! I hope it's acceptable as X is for "unknown". 

Located in Southern Siberia, Russia, a lot is unknown in its depth of 5,300 feet. The lake being the deepets, is also the oldest lake in the world. It is roughly 25 to 30 years old!

It was listed as UNESCO WHS in 1996.



  1. As I understand it, it is gradually being drained because the rivers are being dammed so water is not flowing into the lake any more. Very sad.

  2. Maria,

    Anything could be lurking in a lake so deep! Your postcard inspired me to google some more images of the lake. A beautiful place!

  3. The depth of lakes has always intrigued me. I'm fascinated by the Great Lakes of the United States. The depth of this Siberian lake is incredible.

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  4. Hi Maria - I think your X is perfectly fine .. we all do 'funnies' if we can't find an X.

    Fascinating since it sent me over to find out more about Lake Baikal .. where I then found out about the 4 similar rift valleys ... I know the splitting apart Africa rift valley with lake Tanganikya .. from my days in southern Africa, and now I see the other two are the West Antarctic rift and the Rio Grande Rift ... which I read having messed around with the flow - they're trying to 'repair' it so the Gulf can have fresh clean water flowing into it ...

    An interesting subject for a lurking earth scientist - like you?!

    Cheers .. looking forward to your reflections post ... and I'll be over to read more of your posts ... Hilary (I haven't been around much - because of my C drive glitch ...which will get sorted during May ... )


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