Tuesday, April 15, 2014

M is for Mount Kinabalu & Melaka, Malaysia

Direct Swap, Sender: Agatha
Sent: 18 Oct 2012, from Sandakan, Malaysia
Received 2 Nov 2012, Traveled 1023 km in 14 days

M is for Mount Kinabalu and Melaka, Malaysia! Wow! That's a lot of M. I am in for another demanding week but I make time to continue with the A to Z April challenge. It's motivating for me to post for letter 'M' cause I got more than 1 postcard to share for this letter. Also because I have this as initial, with my first name, Maria.

Curiosity prompted you for sure why another demanding week. For new readers and visitors here in my page, let me fill you in some of the details.It is just 3 months now since I relocated into this new city for a new job. I am learning many things and sometimes I go crazy because it is a 180° change in almost everything for me. The good thing is that it makes me step out of my comfort zone and I can now enjoy 2 days off every week. Yeeyyy!!

I feel it as a luxury now to have a 2-day weekend because in my previous job I had to work 6 full days plus more each week! So having Saturday off really makes me feel wonderful, giving me more time to live a balanced life; allowing me to recharge during weekends.

To my greater delight, the 5-day work week comes with better renumeration! I can now plan vacations! Working hard comes with a promise of a nice vacation trip later on. Malaysia is among the most probable destinations as it is close by. There's also many budget flights so it's not painful for the pocket. I love going for hikes and visiting old towns so Mount Kinabalu Park on the postcard above and Melaka on the postcard below are perfect places for me to plan for a trip. Both are UNESCO WHS, inscribed in year 2000 and 2008 respectively.

MY-91561, Sender: Jiayi
Sent: 18 Feb 2012 from Pusai Mel Nasional, Malaysia
Received: 22 Mar 2012, Traveled 2,468 km in 33 days

The views on these cards should be more than enough motivation for me to resume with work now. I hope the week is on a productive start for everyone! :)



  1. Maria,

    So pleased to hear you now have weekends free! We don't often plan holidays but I can imagine how exciting it is to look forward to visiting another country to do some hiking and sight seeing. I hope you are having a good Holy Week!

  2. Hello Maria , well you certainly seem to be settling in , which is great and wow you have two days off and can plan vacations, I cannot believe how little time you had off before ,, great that you stepped out of your comfort zone , something I should do more often too. Take care xox Anne


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