Friday, April 25, 2014

V is for Vienna, Austria

Friendship Gift Postcard, Sender: Sensei
Sent: 9 October 2013 from Vienna, Austria
Received: 17 October 2013, Traveled 9,880.5 km in 9 days

Vienna is a city I dream I can be based in for work. It's such a lofty dream but as the saying goes, "the future is made of the dreams you make today".

Aside from professional aspirations, I feel being in Vienna will make me happy . The place will strike a balance for doing a technical job and living in an artistic environment!

The historic center of Vienna was inscribed to the UNESCO WHS list in 2001.



  1. Hi Maria, Just 12 days since my last comment on your blog and yet so much has happened and you have posted many interesting cards and thoughts. When I started reading this most recent post tonight I just kept going back to the older and older posts to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Your way of writing is most interesting: sincere, kind, and thought provoking. As I was looking back I noticed that you have recently moved to a new location. In my life experience those kinds of moves have always presented a whole new set of things to deal with. There often does not seem to be an easy answer to getting things all smoothed out. It does sound like you are on the right track, have the right attitude, and the willingness to make all turn out well. The comment you left for me on my blog was so kind and I sure appreciate your taking the time to leave me some thoughts. Special thanks for your mentions of my grandmother’s written diary. I think I might have to do a post on those written diaries … they just seem like a treasure to me. I agree with you completely, as for myself, I have to go with the virtual method as my computer is where I spend a great deal of my time. Thanks for sharing your wonderful collection of cards and your thoughts on your blog. I admire the “A to Z” project … very nicely done! John

  2. Hi Maria .. good to meet you over at Positive Letters ... thanks for your comment.

    I've never been to Vienna - but would love to visit one day in summer ... I'm looking forward to going back over your other A-Z posts .. and you're in my Feedly now ..

    Cheers - busy day .. but I'll be around .. Hilary

  3. Maria,

    Vienna looks like a wonderful place if you are interested in architecture. I wonder if you are artistic. Would you be able to get work there? Vienna looks like it would be a beautiful place to live.

  4. Amazing, I have always wanted to go to Vienna , and was invited a few weeks ago, by a blogger .. Looks wonderful. x

  5. Hello, sweet girl--never stop dreaming, dear Maria. ((hugs)) Thank you for sharing your dreams with us! I often think of you--it is great to hear from you and to read how you are doing! (grin)

    Have a lovely weekend, and Happy Postcard Friendship Friday.

  6. I've never been to Vienna, but would also love to stay there ... and live above one of their great cafes!

  7. Vienna looks beautiful. It has to be, as it's the city of music.
    "The future is made of the dreams you make today," so very true this is. Dreams, aspirations, they're so important to goal setting and well being.
    Great post.
    Silvia @

  8. I don't know much about Vienna, but it certainly looks like a nice place to visit.

  9. I haven't been to Vienna, but it does look like it would be an interesting place. Thanks for sharing.


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