Wednesday, April 16, 2014

N is for Ninstints Village, Canada

CA-266884, Sender: moonlessnite
Sent: 29 July 2012 from British Columbia, Canada
Received: 25 Aug 2012, Traveled 9,980 km in 27 days

As the weather gets warmer and warmer here in Southeast Asia, I find it a pretty coincidence to be posting a card that came with an appropriate greeting at the back:

Summer greetings from the "Great Bear Rain Forest" of British Columbia, Canada. This is a UNESCO Heritage Site on the Queen Charlotte Islands (now called Haida Gwaii). These are the last remaining original totem poles that are still standing. It's a wonderful place.

Looks like a wonderful place indeed! I imagine it's nice to be kayaking on the cool water with the leaves and branches around providing some shade on a warm weather like this.

The kayakers pictured here are drifting by the totem poles in the Ninstints Village, one of the islands of Queen Charlotte.



  1. It would be an interesting place to visit. The old totems would be great to see in real life.

  2. Maria,

    Sounds like an idyllic place! I hadn't heard about the totem poles in Canada. Actually I don't know much about that country despite having Canadian friends. I do know about kayaking though. We had a wonderful holiday kayaking on a saltwater lake several years ago. Soon I shall be envious of your warm weather. Here, we are sorting through our winter clothes and preparing for the colder temperatures.


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