Monday, April 7, 2014

F is for Freiheiten Symbol of Roland, Germany

Direct Swap, Sender: Barbel
Sent: 26 Mar 2012 from Bremen, Germany
Received: 10 Apr 2012, Traveled 10339.99 km in 15 days

"Freiheiten" according to my research means "liberty". The information at the back of the card is in German so I had to enlist the help of Mr. Google T. As always, he's very helpful! The statue of Roland in the middle of Bremen market place, together with the town hall, are outstanding representations of civic autonomy and sovereignty as they developed in the Holy Roman Empire in Europe. The site was inscribed in 2004.

Another statue that the town of Bremen is famous for is the Die Stadtmusikanten, featured in the Grimm's fairytale of the animal musicians: donkey, dog, cat, and rooster. I actually kind of forgotten about this but had no trouble pulling it out from memory when Barbel reminded me of it on her note at the back of the card :) I reckon enjoying this story so much in one of the big illustrated story books of my grade school teacher.


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