Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Winter in Japan

JP-339971, Sender: Saya
Sent: 23 Nov 2012 from Obihiro, Japan
Received: 12 Dec 2012, Traveled 3,790 km in 19 days

Still with the cold weather as inspiration, I'm sharing today a postcard from the Kikuchi Haruo 's photo collection. I asked my friend who's studying in Japan to translate the characters for me. He said it's an image of a blue river in the town of Biei in Hokkaido, Japan. Blue river is the translation for the characters on top, Hokkaido Biei for characters on lower left, and Kikuchi Haruo on lower right.

Saya wrote: Hello/Konnichiwa. Greetings from north of Japan... It is very cold today. This is winter scenery of my region. It's beautiful.

I can imagine that blue water is indeed icy cold! Good thing though not everything is frozen and there is still flowing liquid on this stream.

Sharing this for Our World Tuesday.



  1. Brrh! Icily beautiful!

    Lovely blog.

    Thanks for stopping by - a pleasure to visit here!

  2. That's a stunning shot of the ice and snow.

  3. Beautiful wintry shot ~ carol, xxx

  4. Beautiful! I love the soft forms and the colors. Amazing ...

  5. The contrast between the white ice and the water is beautiful!

  6. A very chilly looking card , but it is beautiful, Maria , do you collect loose stamps , we have a few new stamps out here. Hope you are well x

  7. Hello Maria, I have similar streams near my home. However, most of mine are frozen on top with water still running underneath the ice. The card is lovely.

  8. It's a pretty scene. Happy Our World Tuesday.


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