Monday, January 20, 2014

The Cold & The Snow

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The cold spell continues, stepping into the shower in the morning is a scary thing now! It becomes balmy around noon but I wish it's a bit warmer during morning and evenings. Pondering deeper about this weather, I think of the people who have long cold months (and snow). I have a good friend from Oxfordshire, UK who complains of the cold and the gray weather. I can empathize with her more, now! I read in the news several days ago, that the Sun is 'gone to sleep' and we're headed for a mini ice age. I admit reading that terrifies me! My sister joked, "Oh! We're gonna be white walkers!" -- I definitely wouldn't want to be one!

On a brighter note about this cold weather ... I've always thought about fun activities with snow. I've dreamed about drawing snow angels, making and playing with snow men, walking and trekking up hills of snow, like this family high up in the Pyrenees on the postcard. Even if the temperature drops even more though, we still won't get snow here in the Philippines. And so I still imagine sometimes a trip to a country where there's snow even though I'm not a fan of the cold weather. 

The beau and I have talked about skiing in Mont Blanc (pardon me, the postcards I have are from the Pyrenees and not from the Alps). Thinking about freezing in no time and turning into a frozen delight, in addition of a piece of red cherry on top of my head, I refused the idea. But I guess being under this cold spell, I'd be acclimated to chilly temperature and in the not so far future, be able to do fun activities with snow! I keep my fingers crossed!

In regards with the Sun going to sleep, I file it at the back of my head for now. I prefer imagining myself speeding down hill on a sled, with beautiful white and blue scenery around me.

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Happy Monday everyone!



  1. Yes, wonderful light on snow, exquisite outlook, nice photo!

  2. Oh Maria,

    I know playing in the snow sounds like fun, but I never liked it. I was the child who stayed indoors and drank hot chocolate.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a Happy Blue Monday!

  3. It is hard to adjust to cold weather if you're from a warm climate. Still, you could try skiing then go back to the warm hotel. Thanks for playing along today. Here’s my Dreaming of France meme

  4. I am thankful we do not get snow like that n Texas. It does makes for some awesome sights.

  5. Beautiful cards Maria! It sounds fun to play in the snow, but once I get there I get soo cold and my bones hurt :( Is better to enjoy the view through the window. I live in Nebraska, it's really cold here! I'll be happy to trade with your little cold :) I hope the weather in the Philippines gets back to normal warm soon! Have a great day!

  6. How do you do that Maria, you've made me wish for snow!
    That first photo is the light on the snow, the shadows, clear crisp blue sky and the colourful clothes. Great work ;D
    Happy Blue Monday to you!

  7. Those photos are lovely but make me feel so cold. Brrr

  8. Lovely serie from a great winterlandscape!

    My new B&W Blog:

  9. Lovely photos! Somehow, I think the earthy will have destroyed itself long before the sun decides to sleep!

  10. I say go to the alps in the summer and enjoy the warm summer beauty.

  11. Hi Maria, I just got lucky and found your blog thanks to a comment you left on Joyful's Snap That. One of my hobbies is collecting postcards and it's nice to find someone else who enjoys the hobby. You sure have a nice blog here. John

  12. Gorgeous winter images!! The snow can be fun and the cold invigorating!!


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