Sunday, January 12, 2014

Winter - ey Atmosphere

This is my first Sunday Stamps post for 2014 - so let me greet and wish every passionate philatelist and stamp enthusiast a Prosperous New Year! :)

Today's theme is anything you wish. I'm taking Viridian's lead and posting this stamp with a winter atmosphere. It came with a Christmas card from my long time pen pal from Finland. The holiday season is over. But we're happy here in Manila; we're still enjoying a relatively cold weather. Our usual tropical, humid, and warm weather will be back by end of next month, so the low temperature at this time of the year is indeed an extended holiday treat for us!

I can't help but be amazed and afraid at the same time though, about this polar vortex affecting the USA and the winter storms in Europe. I'm still haunted by the tragedy of super typhoon Haiyan... I pray that no similar amount of damage will ensue in those places affected by these extreme weather conditions.

~ maria


  1. Happy New Year Maria! A gorgeous stamp.
    Yes, the weather seems to dominate the news (again) at the moment.

  2. It was a lovely set of stamps from Finland this year, I especially like this one. I hope the weather this year is as calm as the stamps for you.

  3. I have received this stamp too, from Finland, and it seems to be part of the same series.
    But how are you? This group of people was concerned when we heard about the typhoon Haiyan, and its aftermath, which looks dreadful.

  4. that is such a cute stamp! lovely!!

    hope you stay safe! the world has become one really weird and crazy place to live in

  5. I do especially love these Christmas stamps from Finland. I hope your weather stays quiet and cool for a while longer. :)

  6. We suffered from the polar vortex last week, but the weather is much better now. I hope we don't have any more extreme cold this year.

  7. Ooo that sure, you love kids dear Maria. Don't be so afraid, the nature often reminds us that you can move to the moon but she's always the strongest and we should care more care about her. But mother nature also love us so, let see the positive side of it, to start this year, it's not easy but it's better for our mind and soul.

    Take good care lovely and best wishes for 2014

  8. I admit it. I do not miss the snow & ice. But the stamps and scenes are pretty to see.

  9. I received a christmas theme postcard last month with exactly the same stamp. so cute!


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