Sunday, January 19, 2014

Pet Dogs

The first stamp I found at the back of my postcards for Viridian's Sunday Stamps
theme today, 'pets' is a funny one. It's from the second part of a series called
Winter Tales. Designed by Claus Bigum and issued in 2011, the stamps show
Danish winter past times. This particular stamp shows a dog walker.

The second ones are mastiffs, one of the ancient breed of dogs. The two stamps
are issued by the Russian Federation on 15 March 2002. On the left is a bull mastiff,
said to be a cross breed between a mastiff and a bulldog. On the right, is a
Brazilian mastiff, also known as Fila Brasileiro.

~ maria


  1. Dogs are always my favourites. Three fine stamps.

  2. the mastiffs look gorgeous but also a little bit frightening :))

  3. The Danish pair wrapped against the winter cold is so amusing, Guess it won't be a long walk with those sandals.

  4. I really like the first stamp. I also posted three stamps not exactly about "pets", but funny illustrations by Dutch artists. Thanks for sharing!

  5. That first stamp is funny! I think I might be scared if I saw a mastiff in person.
    Thank you for joining in this week!

  6. Big dogs like these are not my favourites - I find them a bit too scary. Though I like the stamps! The Danish one is cute.

  7. Replies
    1. I wish I know... the only information I can find about this stamp online is that it's about a 'dog walker'

    2. Seems to be a warm rolled up blanket?
      I love this Danish stamp!

  8. haha, that cartoon stamp is soo cool with the dog dressed to feel warm as well :)

    in general, im more attracted to dogs with more fur, so mastiffs have never really made it high on my list...

  9. I love the Danish stamp too! It makes me wonder what the other "Winter Tales" would be. :)


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