Monday, January 27, 2014

Campuhan Ridge Hike

Postcard to be sent to Finland

Greeting all of you a sunny great week from the supposedly rainy Bali! 

I'm really happy and thrilled to share with all of you that it's Monday morning, but I'm here sitting by the pool and working on this blog entry from Ubud - the cultural center of Bali, Indonesia. I'm not supposed to start with my new job until Monday next week so the beau and I agreed that we should go for an extended vacation. We decided to come here to Bali despite the forecast of rainy days. Looking online for travel recommendations, there's so much to see and it's perfect that we have several days for this visit. Also it's low season so we are hoping for a budge trip.

We arrived Saturday night. Yesterday, Sunday was our first full day here. Motivated by the surprisingly blue skies, we agreed it's best to start with the rice terraces. We did the Campuhan Ridge hike to see the rice paddies. We started a bit late so the sun was scorching hot. It was really nice though while on top of Campuhan valley, the first part of the hike. Because it's elevated, we're able to enjoy cool breeze. Campuhan is a sacred place. It is where two rivers, Sungai Wos and Sungai Agung meet. During the hike, we went past quiet villages, traditional looking hotels and spas, and many little art galleries by the road. 

The rice terraces were nice but not as grand as that on the postcard. It was really nice to do the hike nonetheless. It made us energized and set the pace for our visit here.

During the hike, I made sure I snapped a few photos for Sally's Blue Monday. I hope Blue Monday blog hoppers will find them pretty, as well as the blue sky on this snap from the valley.

I better keep going now ... there are still a lot to discover and explore!

~ maria


  1. Bali is surely a great destination. Hope can experience Campuhan hike one day.

  2. Hi Maria,

    Yes, those are beautiful blue blooms!

    Happy Blue Monday!

  3. I love to hike in beautiful weather. Great blue for Blue Monday!

  4. Never been to Indonesia but definitely would like to visit. Thanks for sharing your beautiful day!


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