Saturday, September 16, 2017

Postcards for the weekend 53: Mail / Postal

For the theme this weekend, mail/postal:

NL-3596478, Sent from Netherlands
Sent 10 Oct 2016, Traveled 10,429 km in 15 days

Such an impressive collection of orange stamps! I wonder which one is the oldest and which one is the most recent. Which graphics did you spot right away? For me, it's the elephant with headphones, the silhouette of the crab, and the rabbit with the plush bear toy.

DE-5774142, Sent from Hamburg,
Sent 1 Dec 2016, Traveled 10,135 km in 15 days

How about on this postcard with plenty of mailboxes? Which one got your attention first? To be honest, I was overwhelmed but in a pretty way. And then, I started to notice the one with the cat, with the seashells, and with the green leaves painted from one side to the next.

Happy weekend everyone! And finally, my subscription has been updated. Yey!



  1. These postcards are very pretty and entertaining :)
    I received, some time ago, that stamp with the elephant.
    In the second postcard, I've spotted a Spanish postbox (the yellow one, just below the "i").

  2. Those mailboxes are nice pieces of art, as well as being so useful!

  3. On the first card the thing which attracts immediately my attention is the chess board, bottom right.
    Many of these stamps I know of course, but not all of them, especially the ones which have been issued before I ever sent and received mail :-)

    I love the mailbox card! The blue guitar shaped mailbox I think a nice and original one, although I hope no real guitar has been harmed for this photo.


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