Friday, September 1, 2017

Postcards for the weekend 51: Start of year 2 !!!

Congratulations to us blogger friends, you know who you are! And, congratulations to readers and followers of Postcards for the Weekend. We are now in our second year!

In the end, I decided to do another year as the joy of sharing postcards and providing a community venue for other collectors who want to share their postcards in a community-like fashion are more reasons enough than the pressure that comes from hosting this linky from time to time.

For this first weekend of our second year for the linky and with the theme Anything you wish, here are postcards from the country I have recently visited:

Direct Swap, Sent from Zwolle
Sent 8 Nov 2015, Traveled 10,377 km

Gouda, tulip fields, and the Dutch bonnet -- these are among the most iconic representations of the Netherlands. I came back to Singapore with a ball of gouda to share with friends. Regretfully, not as huge as this one in the postcard though!

NL-1525406, Sent from Flevoland
Sent 3 Nov 2012, Traveled 10,383 km in 12 days

Windmills -- probably the most iconic Dutch representation. I only saw one at Delft. I wish we could have gone to Kinderdijk. Perhaps next time ...

I'm waiting for my linkytools subscription to be renewed. The payment has gone through but I'm not sure why the subscription status is yet to be updated.

For those who are linking up this weekend and the linky isn't available for this post, please leave the link for your posts in the comment section for the meantime. 

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  1. Hi Maria, glad you decided to continue. I'm linking to a "mixed" post this week which includes a couple of vintage postcards as well as my own photos, from Stjernsund Castle, another place visited on my little holiday trip in July.

  2. I'm also glad you are continuing.
    Here's my contribution for this week - using last week's theme!

  3. I was fortunate to live in Holland - right next door to an old windmill!
    I'm sharing a card of an annual event that elicits fond memories.

  4. Happy to see your wonderful project continues, thank you! And welcome back home :}

    Thank you for sharing Dutch icons.
    The ones on the first postcard often are shown together as typical Dutch. T
    However, the funny thing is that the traditional clothing this lady is wearing, is from the city Volendam. Volendam is famous for its fishermen and fish (especially eels) (and singers), but has nothing to do with bulb flower fields and cheese :-)
    The bulb flowers are seen in the west of the Netherlands only (in Holland, while the east, north and south in fact are not Holland but named Nederland). Anyway, I think our country is not the only one who 'uses' iconical things this way.
    Nice postcards, and I hope you'll be able to see Kinderdijk (and the Open Air Museum in Arnhem, and the Efteling) in future :-)


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