Friday, June 2, 2017

Postcards for the weekend 40: Country map(s)

My interest with Ireland started when I saw a very entertaining animated film with a leprechaun when I was a little girl. I always thought Ireland is Ireland ...

IE-33070, sent from Dublin, Ireland
Sent 13 March 2012, Traveled 10,959 km in 13 days

... But when I traveled to Scotland back in 2012, I learned that Ireland has two parts: one being the Republic of Ireland, and another being North Ireland, part of United Kingdom.

Friendship Gift Postcard, Sent from Oxfordshire, UK
Sent: 13 Nov 2013, Traveled 10,777 km

That was my very first out of Asian continent trip. I visited a relative in Edinburgh after attending a conference in Glasgow and he asked me whether I plan to see Ireland as well. I was very surprised as I thought, "How can I go there when I only have UK visa and no Schengen visa." Then, I was educated on the two Irelands ... Ah, the things I couldn't have learned if not for actually making a trip to somewhere!

What are some of the memorable unexpected learnings from your travel(s) abroad?

Happy weekend,


  1. Hi Maria! I sure enjoyed your story learning about the two Irelands. And those are some really nice cards! Thank you for hosting the linkup. I will see what the others have added. Thank you also for your kind words on my blog. I left you a reply to your comment on the blog. Take good care and have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I am still disappointed, all these years later, that during my travels through Europe in the early 1980s, no countries would stamp my passport!

  3. I'm off to Ireland later this month so I hope I get a nice card like that. I laughed at the not so united kingdom.


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