Friday, June 23, 2017

Postcards for the weekend 43: Iconic person

UK Trip Spring Trip 2012 Souvenir Postcard

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, needless to say, she's such an icon of all monarch figures. It's sad that the postcard is damaged on top of her right eye ...

A lone postcard post this evening, folks. I'm too tired both from work and domestic series of unfortunate events. I published an entry 20 mins ago, only to realized that the city view (day time) theme is for next weekend! Glad I noticed before I go to bed!



  1. I see there are only a few minutes left to post my contribution... Here in NL the weekend still has 7 hours to go, so I posted the link here, now, but I'll be 'filling' my post within the next few hours :-) Sorry for being late!

  2. I just discovered that although I put my post up in time, I forgot to add the link here!

  3. Just a suggestion Maria, but could you perhaps prolong the time span to link up with a day or so? Considering that some of your participants are in different time zones? ;)


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