Thursday, May 9, 2013

Under the shade of an umbrella.

CZ-281015, Sender: ptpj
Sent: 19 April 2013, Sent from Ostrava 18, Czech Republic
Received: 9 May 2013, Traveled 9,660 km in 20 days

This postcard that the mailman delivered just this morning made my day! I bet no one can argue about its cuteness. It has that cheer of the innocence and bliss of sweet young love. It's also a beautiful coincidence that I got it on an extremely hot and humid day. Going out in the sun without an umbrella isn't advisable at all. So I fancy myself one like that in the postcard.

My darling and I have always think about reading books together while lying side by side each other as one of our couple's activities. I think it would be great to do it while lying on the grass in a park during mid to late afternoon. We can toss off our shoes and just enjoy the tickling grass on the bottom of our feet. And we can bring a nice umbrella, like this in the postcard if we want to steal a kiss or two -- so not to offend passers by.

Forgive my romantic side on the lose. I am still counting 5 days before I can see the darling again and these days feel like they'll last forever. I'm so impatient to be with him in person again. I never missed someone so badly before. I never knew missing someone can be this tormenting, until we became a couple and experienced spending quality time with each other as a couple. (I deeply miss my dear lolo / grandpa who passed away in 2007 but that's on a different level). Despite the difficulty of being apart, I'm still very happy I've got a very special person; my bestfriend, who is also my boyfriend, to miss.

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