Thursday, May 30, 2013

Beschuit met muisjes

Friendship Gift Postcard, Sender: Aritha
Sent: 29 April 2013, Sent from Veenendaal, Netherlands
Received: 7 May 2013, Traveled 10369.34 km in 9 days

Aritha said that beschuit met muisjes is a cracker with pink and white mice on it. The cracker is actually rusk, a hard and dry biscuit. Rusk is baked twice, hence the texture. The mice are the aniseed sprinkle, coated with colored sugar. The sprinkle is called mice because the stem of the aniseed resembles the tail of a mouse. The aniseed is believed to aid lactation and the muisjes to symbolize fertility.

This white and pink beschuit met muisjes is eaten when a baby girl is born in the Netherlands. There is a a blue one for when a baby boy is born. Orange ones were sold in 2003 in honour of the birth of Princess Catharina Amalia. Parents of the newborn baby serve beschuit met muisjes to visitors. Older siblings bring beschuit met muisjes to school to share with their friends.

I think this is a beautiful Dutch custom. I'm thinking of what Filipino custom we have for when a baby girl/boy is born but I can't can't get out something right from the top of my head...



  1. Super! Shall I sent you also the blue one :-)


  2. Learning about the various customs from around the world is so very interesting. I do like this one!

    I also enjoyed your guardian angel post. My dear mother-in-law gave me a little Hummel angel figurine many years ago. Thank you for leaving a comment on my coconut heart. I cannot imagine getting bonked on the head by a falling coconut. After reading that sign, I felt rather foolish to stand there looking up and taking photographs. I'm such a risk taker! Ha Have a lovely weekend!


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