Thursday, May 2, 2013

Le cœur

US-2157231, Sender: Carol
Sent: 31 March 2013, Sent from Akron, Ohio
Received: 18 April 2013, Traveled 13,419 km in 18 days

Receiving this card is very timely since I need to brush up on Anatomy 101. Plus, I think I really need to get serious with studying the French language. Le cœur of course, is the heart in French. As for the rest of the labels, I'm too lazy to look it up on an equivalent diagram with English labels. I'll see the boyfriend in 13 days so I'll bug him to translate everything for me (would be a nice activity for a reunion, don't you think?). I know...that can be severe and boring. But I'm always fascinated while listening to him speak in his mother tongue, with how he does that nasal 'r' cause I can never do it myself! *sighs*

On a lovelier and more personal note, mon amour and I are celebrating our 6 months as a couple today. Also, we are just 1 month and 8 days shy from celebrating our 4 years of wonderful friendship. Yippee! I am overjoyed on how things are smooth and wonderful between us. I believe that it's really a great blessing that we've been real confidantes and bestriends before deciding to be a couple. So now, our love for each other only continues to grow despite the frustrations and challenges of being in a long distance relationship.

I am impressed that the PhilPost and SingPost are both very efficient in delivering my handwritten love letter. He complained to me though that I made it hard for him because he received the letter on 26 April and I put instruction on the flap that he can only open it on 1 May. Perhaps it had been easier and more inspiring wait for him if I sealed the letter with a wax stamp? Something similar to that on the USA 2013 forever! stamp which came with the 'Le cœur' postcard? He was happy nonetheless and sounding very much in love, thanking me, when he finally got to read the letter last night.

Oh love, love. You never fail to inspire. Such is that other stamp that came with the postcard, the satin Love Ribbons from the USA 2012 forever! issue. As the USPS described it, satin ribbons often accompany our gifts of love, may it be a box/wrapped gift or a bouquet of flowers. Ah, now that gives me an excellent idea ... 

I should cut myself here. It's no surprise anyone can be unstoppable when it comes to love. But it's almost 3AM here in my timezone so I need to get some sleep now. I'm sure you're longing to read more about hearts, so hop on to Clytie @ Random Hearts to get your fill.

I wish this Thursday is leading all of us to a wonderful end for this week. I have my last in-service examination to take for the residency on Friday (before the major major assessment comes in June/July). I am supposed to have learned most of the things by heart right now but I'm still far from it, so please wish me luck. I thank you in advance, from the bottom of my heart.



  1. Please, take my congratulations on your date :) A great story of your way through friendship to love - it must make your feelings strong like a brilliant. Well, and the postcard is very cool!

  2. Hello, dear Maria! What a beautiful post. You are a natural born writer. LOVE your description of your loving Friendship! (grin) Congratulations, my dear!

    1. To be a good writer has always been a dream, Beth. Thanks for your nice words. :)

  3. Awe, I love hearing about your friendship and love - what a special time! I like the idea of a wax seal - especially if it is in the shape of a heart!

    I hope you have a wonderful end of week and weekend! Keep practicing that French! I hear it really is the "language of Love" ...

    1. I should buy a wax seal soon! :)

      I'm trying with the French. It's really hard for me. I think I sound awful and funny.


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