Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Star Ferry from Hong Kong

Salamat po (thank you), Jocelyn for inviting me to join in your 'Our Wonderful World Tuesday' blog fest :) I'm following your lead for my first entry in participation to that -- here's a card of the Star Ferry that I got from a private swap. The card arrived last week and it's definitely making me miss Hong Kong more and more.

I was lucky to spend a one-week vacation in Hong Kong and Macau in Nov 2009. The Star Ferry rides are one of the most memorable experiences. I am scared of ship rides, no matter how short the distance. The Star Ferry rides were particularly dreadful. The water in the Victoria Harbour on which it travels is always busy; the ship tilts a lot from left to right!

But what makes me wanna repeat the experience again is I feel like I'm being part of something important in the history of navigation. A part of history that will always remain alive, and I would know that I was also a living part of it. Haha! I wish I was able to phrase it nicely that would properly convey what I wanted to mean with it. :p

According to the Star Ferry Company website, The National Geographic Traveler named the ferry crossing as one of the 50 places of a lifetime.


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