Saturday, March 10, 2012

Crystal Concert Hall - Sapporo Snow Festival

This is a replica of one of Japan's concert hall during the 49th Sapporo Snow Festival. The festival ran from 5-11 February 1998 with 330 snow and ice sculptures in display.

I wish I have the readily-available knowledge to determine exactly which concert hall in Japan this crystal ice replica is, but I don't :( Mr. Wiki has a list of different concert halls in Japan, though.

What's more impressing about this card was the message at the back:

"Thank you for fund-raising and the rescue for the earthquake on 3.11. Japan revives without fail. Please come to Japan to play someday! -Your Japanese friend, Midori"

I am delighted to know that the the efforts of Filipino soldiers sent there to help during that state of calamity in 2011 was appreciated. Tomorrow marks the first anniversary of that day, I hope that affected places in Japan have remarkably recovered by now and that we, and our neighboring countries would continue to help each other in times of need. 

And yep, I would really want to visit Japan to see all the picturesque places described by one of my favorite authors, Haruki Murakami in his novels. Or perhaps, time my visit with the next Sapporo Snow Festival? (My, my!! I should have went there on my birthday for the opening event! The festival ran from 6-12 Feb this year! Oh! I'm dreaming. :)

This post is for Beverly's Pink Saturday blogfest, because who doesn't love the idea of all pink and lovely on a weekend when it's time to rest and unwind? ;) Go check out her page to make your weekend more lovely.


I'm delighted to feature the Backyard Neighbor, Jeanne for the Pink Saturday weekly challenge. Check out her page for pink tulip memories. :) And may I mention, tulips are in my favorite flowers list. I wish I can receive a postcard with tulips soon!

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!

~ maria


  1. Good morning Maria, The Crystal Concert Hall is amazing. I would love to see it in person but since that is not possible I enjoyed your post about the snow festival very much. Great PINK!

    Thank you so much for the shout out for my Blog. I appreciate it so much.

    Happy days to you this week,
    Jeanne xoxo

  2. What an amazing sight that would have been! Happy Pink Saturday. ~Marti

  3. I have heard of that festival and what an eye catcher that is in pink. I too want to visit Japan very much. I have always been interested in Japan since childhood. Have a pink day!

  4. The ice sculpture is beautiful...and amazing. I'm sure it would be stunning to see it in person.

    I enjoyed your pink post.

  5. How I would love to attend this great function and see this awesome sight in person.


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