Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Philippine Jeepney

Here's another card for a private swap that will travel to Poland tomorrow.

Jeepneys are the most affordable means of public transportation here in the metro (national capital region -- Manila). Undoubtedly, this is true for other busy places in the country. Is it because of its flamboyance? Check. Because it allows you to travel at a low cost? Check.

This is my transportation from my apartment to work. The minimum fare is PhP8.00. When I first came here in Manila back in May 2003, it used to be PhP4.00. Despite the increase, I still prefer  riding a jeepney to riding a train. It's too crowded in the train and you have to stand from the origin station all the way to your destination. I am able to sit in the jeepney, travel time though is almost doubled. Hmm, I guess I love being stuck in traffic! Haha.

I am proud of the Philippine jeepney -- a product of the Filipino ingenuity; born out of Pinoy natural resourcefulness and creativity. The first jeepneys in the archipelago were transformed leftover military trucks of the Americans after World War II. Uncle Wiki describes this as an 'obiquitous' symbol of Filipino culture.



  1. It's unbeliveable how colorful is your country ;). In my region that's no matter if I commute to academy by train, bus or tram- they're all the same crowded :)). Best wishes and thank you for postcards and description here :)!

  2. Hi Maria! I have started a meme called 'Our Wonderful World Tuesday'. It is about Postcards ^_~ Would you like to join in?


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