Sunday, March 18, 2012

Johnstown Castle, Ireland

I've been enchanted by castles lately. And the passion just got more real this evening after watching the film, 'Mirror Mirror' as a Friday treat to myself. I was intrigued as to why the castle in an English film is very evident of Indian architecture...thanks to Mr. Imdb -- he said it's because the director is Indian. Ah! Got it.

To take part in the celebration of Lá Fhéile Pádraig, here's a castle card from Ireland. Saint Patrick's Day is a religious holiday in Ireland, most popularly characterized with wearing green -- since I don't have a particular card like that or a card with shamrock, here's a card with green grass, shrubs, and trees instead :D

Back to the castle, the back of the card reads: The silvery towers of Johnstown Castle, Co. Wexford are enchantingly reflected in an ornamental lake. The 1840 Gothic Revival castle stands in a lush setting of ornamental trees and shrubs. The variety of mixed planting around the lake, which include noble firs, Japanese cedars, Atlantic blue cedars, copper beaches, golden Lawson cypresses and holm oaks, provides a very satisfying range of color through the year.

This post is for the Postcard Friendship Friday, sorry for the delay in posting. :( My internet connection has been acting up lately and the photo of the card didn't want to attach to this post. Anyways, good vibes...good vibes! Great week for everyone. :D


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  1. This is a perfect post for St. Patrick's Day.

  2. Thanks for the kind comment Heather! I'm super glad you described it 'perfect' even if it doesn't have a single shamrock on it :D


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