Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wisdom in stamp

I am taking another trip around the world. If it's via postcards on Fridays/Saturdays, on Sundays, it will be via stamps. This trip is sponsored by Viridian's Postcard Blog and today we start off in the North American and Mesoamerican continent.

I guess there's no better place to start this trip but from where my yesterday's post for Round d' World Weekends was stationed. Yes, New York, it is! *wink*

From Niagara Falls we move to the Rockefeller Center in the city proper of New York City, NY. Here's a stamp showing a sculpture at the entrance of the GE Building that houses the well known NBC studios. The relief on the stamp is called 'Wisdom'. It was completed in 1931-1933. The inscription reads:

"Wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of thy times." 
Isaiah 33:6

And here's another picture of 'Wisdom' showing more of the building where it is located:

Image Credit: cerdsp at

Wow! I could have never known these things if not for this stamp. Thanks Viridian for this weekly Sunday project!

Remembering 9-11 with the American people today. Have a meaningful Sunday everyone!

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  1. wow! yeah, your right,.if not for this stamp we wont know about this..
    My first time to join Sunday Stamp..hope you could visit my entry..

  2. Love the '30s design, it fits perfectly on the stamp.

  3. I like that stamp too The world could use some more wisdom and knowledge.

  4. I like the stamp, and the second image is amazing too. What a perspective. Thank you for participating!

  5. Thanks everyone for dropping by and taking time to post a comment.

    I am excited to share another stamp for next week. May we all have productive weekdays!

  6. It's a very impressive piece of sculpture and it transfers well to a stamp. Beautiful.

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