Saturday, September 24, 2011

Monsanto, Portugal

Olá! Here's a postcard of a village picture from Monsanto, Portugal. The net says it's the most authentic Portuguese village. The place with its granite houses is considered a living museum, thanks to the strict building regulations.

I can't really figure out if I got this from a private swap, because I can't remember mailing a card for someone with an address there...

Oh my unreliable memory! A sign of aging? Ugh. Kinda scary for a 20-something like me. :p

Trivia: During the Festival of The Holy Cross every 3rd of May, 'marafonas' - the typical ragdolls are carried by women to the top of the castle and clay jars full of flowers are thrown from the walls. This is to commemorate their victory over the Moors.

I am trying to verify whether the tall building in this postcard is the Torre do Relógio...someone help me please. Gracias!

Happy weekend everyone...kindly visit Beth at The Best Hearts Are Crunchy for more wonderful postcards. :)

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  1. Great card. It looks like a pen and ink sketch.

  2. According to Wiki Travel "Lucano’s Tower (Torre de Lucano): (14th Century) Bell ringer tower, crowned with a silver cockerel, a trophy awarded to Monsanto, in a 1938 competition, which it was judged to be “the most Portuguese village” in Portugal, in recognition of the originality of its culture."

    Somewhere else, that I've now lost said the alternative name is Relógio


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