Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ducula mindorensis

This is the first stamp that I am sharing here w/c is not in my possession. I was inspired by the write-up about the bird stamp that Viridian posted and I was curious whether there's a stamp issued about endemic birds from my province of Oriental Mindoro.

Without much effort, I found what I am looking for in a site created for the love of Philippine Wildlife Philately. Kudos to the author of that site for the wonderful stamps of Ducula mindorensis or Mindoro Imperial Pigeon. From further research, I found out that this stamp that I lifted on that site was issued on 16 April 1979. Wow, this stamp is years older than me!

From an online fact sheet, I confirmed that the Mindoro Imperial Pigeon is under the red list for being endangered. It is decreasing in a rapid rate due to deforestation. And sadly, there are mining activities going on in my province now...I can only pray that these birds would survive so that the future MindoreƱos can still see them for real.

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  1. Your Mindoro Imperial Pigeon has an impressive name with an interesting stamp showing its colours.

  2. I hope it survives. I don't even know whether any birds are endemic here, so I will have to look.

  3. It's such a shame that a beautiful bird should be endangered. Our pigeons aren't at all endangered - far from it - and nowhere near as beautiful.

  4. Great color and I like the font used. Great stamp!

  5. So sad to hear about another endangered bird. Thnaks for joining Sunday Stamps.


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