Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bunad from Norway

I am definitely making this weekend lovely. From the fragrant, dainty, pink flowers and carefree butterfly yesterday from Russia, we move into Norway and we're greeted by such pretty smiles! I really feel like smiling back to the postcard whenever I look at it. Ok, ok..I am guilty, I do have my 'moments', hahaha!!

The back of the card says that the man and woman in front are wearing folk dresses from Setesdal. I searched the web and found the word, bunad. However, bunad only applies to the women's costume. I wasn't able to find the proper word for the man's costume. If anyone knows, please do let me know by posting a comment to this post. 

Trivia: Bunad is one of the oldest folk costumes in Norway and among the few that is still used until today. Source: Bunads for Women in Setesdal

Thanks Hanne for sending me this card all the way from northern Europe.

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