Friday, March 30, 2018

Postcards for the weekend 79: Transportation

For the theme this weekend, I'm sharing two postcards with boats and ships from my previous trips.

Souvenir from my trip to Malta, Traveled 9,863 km

This first postcard features luzzu, traditional colorful boats with the eye of Osiris. The boats are painted bright red, yellow, and blue. Moored at the Marsaxlokk Bay, these boats provide a beautiful contrast with the blue waters making the scenery even more photogenic. I've marked this postcard with 14-19 April 2017 at the back. Those were the dates of my visit to Malta. 

Souvenir from my trip to Sweden, 9,984 km

This second postcard features the Klippan, a cultural heritage area that gave birth to the city of Gothenburg. The postcard was given the title "Skepp a hoj". If I'm not wrong, I think it means, "ship ahoy". I've marked this one with 19-30 April 2017. 

I've totally forgotten that these postcards are from the same trip I made to Europe early last year. They make me nostalgic, even more so because I don't think I'll see that part of the world this year.

It's a long weekend here in Singapore for the Easter holiday and I'm not traveling this week. So, for one of those rare moments, this post comes early :)



  1. Hi Maria, I feel like you posted these cards just for me. Well, you know I love transportation that involves getting around on the water. These cards are great! I admire your travels and how great it is to lock in the memories with cool postcards like these. I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend. Thank you, as always, for sharing and for hosting the linkup! John

  2. Thanks for sharing the postcards. I especially like the postcard of Malta. I remember that you sent me one from that location, and it was a wonderful surprise!

  3. Lovely Mediterranean view, what an amazing number of boats.

  4. Love the details sticking out of the 'frame' on the Gothenburg card. And yes, "skepp ohoj" (or åhoj) = ship ahoy :)
    Happy Easter holiday to you!


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