Friday, March 23, 2018

Postcards for the weekend 78: Spring

Private swap, sent from Timaru, New Zealand
Sent 15 Oct 2013, Traveled 8,290 km

The label at the back of this postcard says: This lamb is one of the millions of lambs born each spring in New Zealand. According to the sender when he wrote on this postcard, "the daffodils have been blooming, the lamb bleating, the weather changing so it must be springtime!"

Private swap, Sent from Amsterdam
Sent 12 Mar 2012, Traveled 10,385 km

The sender of this postcard also spoke of spring, "Here in Amsterdam, where spring has begun so more and more flowering tulips. Enjoy!"

I've never been in a real field of tulips and I wish I will one day. 

Happy weekend everyone! 



  1. Being in a field of tulips is also on my list! I hope one year I can go to Holland during the spring!

  2. Such a cute lamb! He/she looks different from the Dutch lambs: so to see New Zealand sheep have more wool, even when young, than the ones in NL.
    Thank you for sharing!

    Due to a crashed computer, and an inability to move pictures from my smartphone to blogspot, I have an involuntary blog-post-break at the moment. Nevertheless I'm enjoying your Postcards for the Weekend a lot!

    1. Hi Heleen, my friend in Rotterdam has a farm and I told her the next time I visit NL, I will plan to come on spring so I can see the Dutch lambs right after birth :) Thanks for continuously visiting the party. I wish your computer will be sorted out soon!

  3. Lovely images of spring! Here - still snow on the ground... Brr.

  4. Love seeing the first lambs, well any lamb actually so this one is nice too.


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