Friday, April 6, 2018

Postcards for the weekend 80: Anything you wish

FI-1918321, Sent from Jyvaskala
Traveled 8,847 km in 9 days

Our theme this weekend is anything you wish. I'm pleased that it's a free and easy theme and I can select postcards that fit my mood at the moment. It's an end at least for now for a series of overseas trips. I yearn to just stay put; to be at home and see familiar pieces and parts of the same place for every waking hour and coming back at the end of the day.

Souvenir postcard from my trip to Sampaguita Gardens, Aklan, Philippines

What are your favorite pieces, parts, or sections of your home? What do you love to do the most when you're at home? Tomorrow I'm flying back to Singapore, my second home. I am impatient to lounge on the soft brown sofa while binge-watching Netflix series. 

Happy weekend everyone,



  1. Love the teddy bears! :)
    I'm never away from home for very long nowadays; but luckily I like my home, and being surrounded by "my things". One thing I appreciate about the flat where I've been living for the last ten years, is having separate rooms for different activities (kitchen, bedroom, study/office, and living room)

  2. Hi Maria, I used to have a neighbor who traveled quite a lot. She and her husband took many cruises including one around the world. After a while she confided in me that she yearned to stay home and “nest” as she called it. Like they say, There is no place like home. Hope you are relaxing and enjoying the sofa and Netflix. I like your cards this week, especially the one with teddy bears … so sweet. And I always appreciate the weeks when the theme is “anything you wish.” : - ) Thank you for sharing and hosting! John

  3. Those postcards with teddy bears always make me smile! I also love the first, for the theme of coffee/tea and houses. I have just started a postal project about houses! (Houses in the Mail).

    (Did you read my e-mail?)


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