Monday, February 12, 2018

Sunday Stamps: New Year

2018 is the year of the Earth Dog, the previous one being in 1958. Wow, that's 60 years ago! 

I just realized that my mother has an Earth Dog zodiac sign. She's turning 60, two days from now.

Now onto the stamps: (1) The Singapore stamp was released on 5 Jan 2018. It was designed by Mr. Leo Teck Chong, who has been designing Singapore's Chinese zodiac series of stamps since 2009 up to present. (2) The Taiwanese stamp was issued on 1 Dec 2017. It features a paper cutting of a dog surrounded by peonies. 

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  1. These are good designs, especially the blue. It seems that the New Year provides a lot of inspiration for stamp designers!

  2. Good to see this year's Singapore stamp and the dogs doing arobatics.

  3. your mother and I are the same age!
    the first stamp looks almost like the two fish of pisces (which is also me) except they are going the wrong way around, as dogs are wont to do ;)

  4. Thank you for sharing these colourful stamps. And how nice to learn about 'Earth Dog year'.

    I love both designs, and the way you posted them: the combination turquoise - violet is one of my favourite combinations of colours! And it is nice to see how the stamps look in the subsequent years - it is clear that the rooster stamps of Singapore and Taiwan have been made by the same respectively artists as this year's dog stamps have.

  5. I like that the Singapore stamp can be viewed from any angle although probably works best with the denomination on the bottom, clever and dynamic design. I find paper cutting fascinating.


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